Friday, February 10, 2012

Review: Resurrection(Guardians of Vesturon #2) by A.M. Hargrove

I was fortuitous enough to receive a free copy of Resurrection from the author, A.M. Hargrove.

Warning : If you haven't read Survival(which is book #1), then I highly recommend you to not go any further. You wouldn't want to spoil the fun for yourself!

Rayn Yarrister, first-born son and Leader of The Guardians, has been imprisoned on Vesturon for breaking their most sacred of covenants. He is suddenly jolted by Maddie's telepathic pleas for help, as her life hangs in the balance. Can he alert The Guardians in time to save his soulmate? Or will he face his trial alone and broken without his one true love? In Resurrection(Book 2), The Guardians of Vesturon are facing their biggest challenges as Earth is threatened by an invading species from a distant planet intent on destroying it for its resources. The Guardians, as protectors of the universe, have been assembled to defend not only Earth, but other vulnerable worlds as well. The Yarrister family is threatened by an unknown entity intent on discrediting them. Will they uncover this plot in time to save themselves from ruin? Will The Guardians succeed in stopping the Xanthians, or will Earth be invaded and ravaged by this marauding species?
Resurrection, a YA Paranormal Romance (Book 2 of The Guardians of Vesturon)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Resurrection picks up where Survival left off, with Maddie fighting for her life. Separated into different parts, we are given many perspective's(from Rayn, Maddie, the Yarrister's and even some new characters) that it helps the story become dimensional, rounding it out and ultimately letting the reader connect to each character. The questions that were left unanswered and the suspicions that everything wasn't quite as it appeared, get answered and brought out into the light as we learn new facts.

The characters are further developed as the perspectives interchange within the story. Rayn is the same protective, unconditionally loving man that readers first melted for. Maddie is the same accident prone, sometimes beyond innocent, indecisive girl, but she starts to transform as the story progresses. She makes the decision to change, ultimately finding herself and becoming a confident, independent woman. She undergoes many hardships, but Maddie's new way may be more agreeable to some readers. The change in Maddie is welcomed, turning the story from slightly great to fabulous, but unfortunately Rayn and Maddie's relationship hits some turbulence, leaving the reader in a gut-wrenched state.

The plot line has many twists, leaving the reader to grip the pages as they are left with events that are extremely unexpected. There is never a dull moment as we learn new qualities about all of the characters and watch the story unfold from our viewpoint. The time line of the story allows for everything to flow naturally, not rushed or forced. It adds major points to the overall feel of the book. The sub-plots merge nicely with the entire story, giving it meat. Resurrection is packing way more emotion than Survival, making the feelings it provokes palpable. The reader will be drawn even more into the story, not wanting to let go until the end, maybe even beyond that. A.M. Hargrove knows how to successfully draw in her readers and leave them satisfied, once again!  

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