Saturday, February 4, 2012

Five by Christie Rich

Five(An Elemental Enmity novel) by Christie Rich
Rayla Tate was just a child when her mother disappeared from her life forever. Raised by her aunt Grace in a small town, she has lived a relatively uneventful but extremely sheltered life. She doesn't know it yet, but she
 is special. She has been hidden from the fae who have lived secretly among us since the beginning of time. Descended from an ancient blood-line of Elementals, only she has the power to crown the first fae high-king.

Sick of provincial living and dictates of her aunt, Rayla flees the safety of her home and runs away to collage with her best friend. However, excitement over her newfound freedom is short-lived when she finds herself being chased by a mysterious stranger on her way to school. She is drawn to him immediately but resist the compulsion she feels. He disappears into the night, but she is certain he is following her.

Rayla struggles to deal with the encounter as she adjusts to her environment. To make matters worse, aunt Grace reveals that Rayla will soon be hunted by a pack of fae lords, each hoping to claim her power for his own. She soon finds herself surrounded by stunning men. Are they fae, or is this just normal collage life? More importantly, who can she trust when she can't trust herself to be near them?

5 Massive, Bright Stars!!

The moment I started reading Five, I knew I was in for a wild ride! I instantly became engulfed in this creative, incomparable world that author, Christie Rich, has created. And rightfully so! Christie has successfully laced together every single detail with authenticity and astounding ability to transform words into more than just mere words. The characters have real people characteristics(even the fae), making them well-rounded and able to stand on their own. Rayla has high morals, she is fierce, stubborn, smart and determined. She struggles just like we all do, she feels just like we all do. . . she is painted in such a vivid picture(as is the whole book, really) that readers will have no choice, but to root for her in her doozy of an adventure. The old friendships and new friendships are ever present as Rayla embarks on her collage occurrences. There is mystery lurking at every corner making the twists a pleasant and unforeseeable pleasure. I'm sorry this review isn't any longer, but if I say anymore, I will undoubtedly be giving too much away, I don't want to steal the pleasure of your discovery from you! Do yourself a HUGE favor by purchasing this book! I will be more than happy to read everything and anything that Christie Rich writes, she has a new fan with me! Luckily, Dark Matter(the next book) is already out!

Five is available at AmazonBarnes & Noble and Smashwords.

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