About Me

Me. Julie Odron. I think my last name is Polish. Real name: Julia, but I'm only ever called Julia when my Grandma is pissed at me ;) In a nut shell, this is me. . . It's obvious that I'm an avid reader, otherwise I wouldn't have a book reviewing blog. I am a mother of two rambunctious, but extremely cute little kids. On my mother's side, I'm the oldest(and only female) of four cousin's(including myself and my brother). My Mom and my Grandma have been my biggest believers, followed closely by my Dad. In all honesty, my family is my rock. I consider my closest friends part of my family, but then again I also consider the Thesaurus one of my best friends. I live in a household with two dogs, two cats(three if you consider the poor stray that some family left behind), three goldfish and three chickens.

More professionally, I'm contemplating going back to school to become an editor or publisher, working up the courage to start writing a book(or a few), and one of my biggest dreams is to own a smallish used bookstore that caters to the YA and New Adult(with some of the Adult genres). And yes, it will be named Reading By The Beach.

I'm not very technologically savvy, in fact, my mom calls me a technology killer because I have wrecked so many computers, cell phones, mp3 players, and I'm already on my third kindle(within a year). I don't intentionally wreck things, it honestly just happens and I have no idea why. Some random facts: I never answer my cell phone, my voice mailbox is usually full, I'd rather read than watch TV, I love swapping emails with new friends(usually discovered through books).

I love to travel, but never have the opportunity to. If I could, I would travel to each of the fifty states as well as London, Norway and Ireland. Another interesting fact: I have curly red hair, but I'm only 1/18th Irish, and although I like having Irish in me, for some reason it irks me when people automatically assume that I'm Irish because of my fair skin and red hair. Norwegians have red hair too, and I'm 1/4 Norwegian(which has breed my obsession of Scandinavian anything). Also. maybe that's why my family loves How To Train Your Dragon so much. Vikings!

Music is also a huge love of mine. The kids and I usually dance around the house with the music blasting. I'm sure the neighbors just absolutely love the crazy dancing family that plays 'Manamana' by The Muppets on repeat :) I like to integrate music into my reviews, especially when there are specific songs that are named or that the author had in mind. Music and books have a lot in common if you think about it. They can inspire, they can evoke emotions, the list is endless. I also like being able to add a little difference to my reviews.

Anyways, I should probably stop babbling. I hope you enjoy my blog and if you have any ideas or suggestions then don't hesitate to share them with me.

Happy Reading!


  1. love your blog!
    i am a new follower of yours :]
    you're dream is close to mine.
    i am an avid reader/baker so i want a little shop that offers books and cakes.
    chase your dream!

    1. That's really cool! That would be my type of place, food and books are always a great mix (especially cakes)! I love to bake too, but I don't have too much time to be able to do any. Thanks for the follow!

  2. Julie,

    You absolutely MUST write. Your bio is brilliant - wonderful and funny descriptives of your life. The kind of stuff people can totally relate to like Tech Killer!

    I'm following from Goodreads. I want to follow all the bloggers on on the Making Connections YA Link but I know that it will take me some time - once I hit onto a good blog, I stay a while. Yours is especially lovely.

    If you want to check out mine, I'm at:


    I need to write a new post but I've been having too much fun reading books and blogs and making art. Time to get back to it. See you around Goodreads, etc..!