Monday, February 13, 2012


Let's take a moment to be inspired by Adele. She is the perfect role model for girls, ladies and women around the world. Not because she's successful, but because she took her anguish and heart-break(over a "rubbish relationship") and had the courage and dedication to turn it into a piece of art. She voiced her opinion, her agony and she became stronger for it. If only we could all take our negative incidents and turn them into a positive with an appropriate outlet. May it be writing, dancing, music, school, sports, anything that helps empower you as a person. Adele should inspire us all to work hard and make our dreams(big or small) come true. I have been inspired by many people(famous, but mostly normal people that have touched my life), the most inspiring(and encouraging) is my grandmother, but today I can honestly say that I was affected by Adele. She inspired me to not give up on my dreams(to become an editor and writer) and to not let petty, negative things(fear and that I'm behind before I've even started) get in my way.

Adele is my inspiration for today, who or what is yours?


  1. Great post Julie! Adele found a way to deal with heartache and at the same time made millions of people feel the joy of her music. I love Adele and am thrilled with her success last night at the Grammys. I am also ecstatic that her voice is back and strong as ever :D