Review Policy

I am open for requests! Email me with details of the book you would like to be reviewed (ie. title, genre, synopsis, publication date, and formats available). I will accept hard copies or ebooks. I will email you back with an answer within a day to let you know if I will be able to accept your request. My reading and reviewing time-frame right now is 2 months after I receive a copy of the book.

If I review your work, please know that I will be honest and never snarky. Sometimes I won't love a book that I read, but I still appreciate the work and effort that went into the story. I would never tear someone down just because their work wasn't for me.

Along with my blog, I will post reviews on Goodreads, Amazon and Smashwords(if applicable). I will email you a link to the review as soon as it is posted. I also have a Twitter account (@ByTheBeachReads) where I post a link to the reviews up on my blog. You are also more than welcome to use my review, however you see fit, as long as you credit the review with a link back to the original.

My email : bythebeach1234(at)gmail(dot)com

Here is a list of the genres I prefer:

     All genres of YA
Realistic Fiction
Chick Lit

*if you don't see your genre above, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email. In all honesty, I'm open to all genres*

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